My obligatory but lovely monstera deliciosa, which was the first plant I got when I first decided I wanted to get into taking care of plants! This baby is indestructible, and is thriving even in the dead of winter (if you look close you can see a new leaf sprouting!). Truly a joy to take care of, and it's so exciting to watch each new leaf unfurl!

Our huge fiddle leaf fig! He's gone through a lot, being one of our oldest boys - 3 years in our apartment now, I think! He's gone through overwatering, not enough sunlight, underwatering, and a lot of spider mite problems, poor guy. But now that we've learned how to take care of him (and I started ordering bulk amounts of neem oil), he's loving life. Just before this photo was taken, in the middle of winter, he sprouted three new leaves at once!

My girlfriend picked out this wonderful guy when they were just babies, and we had no idea that it would grow into a vine! He suffered a lot because we kept him on a windowsill next to a radiator, and then he was hung up but dropped!!! They can spring back from anything though, and now most of his tendrils have reached the floor even from his high perch, so I had to loop them all over the top of the plant shelf. It's fascinating to see each vine reaching towards the light, and all of the leaves are heart-shaped and gorgeous.

One of my most recent plants - the Marble Queen Pothos. She's very regal and was the inspiration for my half-sleeve tattoo! Her coloring is just beautiful and no two leaves are alike. 15/10 would purchase and love again.

I rescued these fellows from the bottom of a box at Lowe's - they fell out of their pot and were laying bare! They've sprouted two new shoots since I got them, but for now they're content to just live as they are. I'm thinking that they need a bigger pot since their rhizomes take up a lot of space in the soil, but I'm not gonna chance re-potting them until spring when they can get some more sunlight.

My peperomia peperomioides that came with a ton of kids that I hefted off onto all of my friends. She's going though a rough patch in the winter and dropping a lot of her bottom leaves...I'm just hoping that in the spring she'll perk up and I can make her happier!